Strawberry Daze

Welcome back to Silver Queen Farm!

Happy strawberry pickers!

Happy strawberry pickers!

We have had some incredible days here at the start of our season. From opening weekend until now, we have had a wonderful flow of people in and out of the strawberry patch, and everyone has come away with truly beautiful berries. We especially love seeing so many kids at the farm, and the happy evidence of strawberry juice on many young faces. 

Many of our vegetable crops are just coming in: Gordie did a big harvest of garlic scapes for the Food Hub; kale and lettuce are looking stunningly lush; and we are having one of our best rhubarb years in recent memory!

Preparations for later crops are taking up most of Gordie and Sarah’s time. Next year’s strawberries have had their flowers clipped off so that the plants can grow big and strong before they fruit. Irrigation pipes have been laid out, potatoes are getting hilled every weekend, and the greenhouse keeps pumping out more seedlings each week for succesional plantings.

Gordie's favorite weekend activity

Gordie’s favorite weekend activity

Let alone all the farm activity, the barn is filled to bursting every single Saturday this summer for weddings! Each week we welcome a new happy couple and their family and friends, frequently with awesome DJs and bands, and our the local catering companies (with whom we have many friends here at the farm from Farm-to-Table dinners!). We’re still taking bookings for Fridays and Sundays, and many open weekends remain in 2016.

So many beautiful weddings this summer!

So many beautiful weddings this summer!

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