Notes from the Barn (Part 1)

Hawks have been circling a lot recently – they can frequently be heard calling out over the field. Could be they’re going after the plethora of rabbits we have out there. One can only hope.

The fields look like a picture postcard with the bales rolled up and resting, the sunflowers starting to come in, and the weedy goldenrod flowering in the raspberry patches. In August, the farm’s rainbow is finally filled in – purple eggplant and red tomatoes fill in the gaps of ROYGBIV.

I was pretty sure I could smell a BBQ while I was picking sugar snap peas on Labor Day. Neighbors, keep up the good work.

The barn was transformed for a stunningly beautiful wedding this weekend, brimming full of joy and good food and drink. We are always excited to watch the barn get dressed up.

Until we see you at the farm again, have a restful week after the long weekend, and treasure these summer days.

– Madison in the Barn.

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