QUESTION: Are you organic? If not, do you use any sprays/pesticides?

ANSWER: While we are not certified organic, we do use a lot of organic practices. We do use some conventional fertilizer but the good news is that we don’t spray anything on the strawberries, so you can pick and eat to your hearts’ content.

We do a lot of the things that organic farmers are supposed to do such as crop rotation, planting cover crops and maintaining high organic matter in the soil. Sometimes we use small amounts of calcium nitrate, ammonium sulfate and conventional forms of phosphorous and potassium fertilizers.

In addition to biological insecticides we also use some synthetic pyrethroid insecticide when we have to, which works on contact and has no residual and breaks down in sunlight. We try to avoid using anything that is systemic or has any soil or crop residual effects or actions. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.


QUESTION: Who designed your web site?

ANSWER: We worked with a wonderful web designer named Sarah Morgan! She led us through all the basic, tedious work such as buying a domain name and figuring out how to host the site with WordPress, as well as working with us to design the site exactly how we envisioned it. She came up with a lot of creative ideas and was always quick to email back whenever we had questions or changes. Check out her website for yourself here!